Hallo, hello and 안녕! Long time no vlog 🙂
As always, this vlog is all about Korea and Seoul. In this vlog I visit some aesthetic flower & plant cafes and get some visit from a friend from Germany.

Flower and plant cafes are really popular here in Korea right now and you can find a ton of them here and there. I personally like this trend because these type of cafes are just awesome. You can meet nature right in the middle of Seoul and everything is so pleasantly aesthetic. They are literally everywhere – from the hot spots like Garosugil and Hongdae to places even outside of Seoul. (The cafes outside of Seoul are usually way bigger) In this video I visit one outside of Seoul and one in Seoul at the Lotte World Mall.

I also got some visit from a friend Germany. I took my friend to some yummy places in Garosugil so that she could try the famous Samgyupsal and Dakgalbi which she always wanted to try. Spoiler arert: those restaurants were soooo good! Sulbing Bingsu was also a must. We went there two times hehe but to be honest there are now a lot of cafes which have better Bingsu. To find out more about the restaurant and cafes we went to just watch the vlog.

All my videos are in German but I have English and Korean subs as well.
Hope you have fun watching the vlogs and see you next time!
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