Yes, Korean people have beautiful skin but what are the secrets? Have you ever looked at pictures of your favorite idols both girls & boys (Suzy, Taeyeon, BLACKPINK, BTS, WannaOne, … I mean the list is endless) and wondered how anybody’s skin can look so PORELESS, FLAWLESS, and the very definition of #SkinGoals? Then this video is what you have been waiting for.

I’ve always stood by the saying, “your skin if your best accessory”. At the end of the day who doesn’t want flawless skin? .

I already did all the groundwork/stalking social media/semi creepin in real life for you. Having lived here in Korea now for a minute I’m here to break down all the secret tips & tricks to skin perfection that I have learned while here. It’s not all just genetics, there are actually a number of ways both big & small that you can do to achieve flawless skin just like your favorite Kpop idols, actors, & actresses.

Tonight I’m sharing the top 7 secrets I think you should know and that I have already adapted into my own skincare routine (tried & tested). I still have a few more secrets to share so if this video gets enough love I will make sure to put out a part 2 for you guys! If you are curious about some of the products I use or want more details on some of the tips I mention in my video please make sure to ask in the video comment box 😉!