Korea is so much more than Kpop and Kdramas. Many people don’t realize that Korea has a beautiful culture that has developed over thousands of years. They have everything from traditional sweets, tea ceremonies, villages, and alcohol.
I went and visited a traditional alcohol tasting. The master is one of the eight most intangible assets for making traditional alcohol in Korea. His house is situated in the Bukchon Hanok village so you can get that traditional feel. The alcohol you will taste is served with dried sweet potato and nuts to cleanse your pallet in between tastings. The kind of alcohol you will taste is yakju, soju, and makgeolli. So I’m sure you’re wondering what percentage the alcohol is? It’s between 40-70%. You get about 13 different kinds and believe me, you will feel saucy after.
My favorite experience was the Korean tea ceremony. The master will come in and teach the basics of where your hands should be for optimal politeness and the differences between male and female bowing. It’s simply amazing to be in your own private room at Gyeonbokgung palace for this incredible event.
Next, Insadong is super fun for the traditional aspects, but did you know you can make your own personal stamp? The carver will ask you what you want or present a book full of designs to choose from. Every stamp is decorated beautifully on the outside as well and it makes for a great souvenir for you or friends and family.
Don’t forget to eat kkultarae as well. It’s honey infused sticky rice with nuts inside. It literally tastes like a snickers and is the best thing you can put in your mouth all year. 😉