Vacation is over and the semester has finally started. This semester seems so weird because it’s my last one. After graduating in 2011, I can finally say that I am a senior in university. This video is all about my first week of classes. I wanted to show you guys what a Korean university classroom looks like because they don’t always show them. Granted, I couldn’t take any videos during lectures for the sake of my professors but I explain a lot about what is going on.

Because it’s the first week, this is the add drop period for classes. That means that I can change classes without penalty if I wanted to and trust me some of my teachers tried. Now, they weren’t trying to belittle my Korean skills, they just wanted to make sure that I would be able to understand and actually pass the class. Studying in a different language can be hard but the only reason that I stayed in the class was because, other than needed the class to graduate, I know that the homework, test, and book are all in English. I thought that even if I couldn’t understand the class, I could at least study on my own in English and still have a chance of passing.

Also an update on the classes that I was picking, I got them all. I got every class that I was really working hard to get and as long as I pass all the classes this semester, next semester will be my last one. So I hope you enjoyed my week as a university student. Trust me when I say that nothing overly exciting really happens. This is about it but I plan to make at least one blog a week for you guy to show you my daily life and all. So subscribe if you are interested in that and I’ll see you in the next video~