The story of our very first Wedding Anniversary

Hi, everyone. Today I’d like to talk about our first wedding anniversary at the end of last year. Honestly I didn’t even realize that we were having “another” anniversary since we were celebrating our couple anniversary for 8 years before getting married. For a couple of reasons, our first anniversary was successfully romantic and special at the end. The fact that we are the international couple also helped us have more unique experience. If you are curious about the other details, please kindly watch my video! 🙂

What is the perfect way to celebrate Wedding Anniversary?

What do you think is the best way to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Luxurious trip or happy drunken party with friends? There is no answer to that question. But on this video, I am trying to share my definition of “wedding anniversary” based on my experience. Expensive gift or luxurious vacation can make me interested in one hand, but it cannot truly fullfill me. What is more important then? It should be love, love and love! ♥ I hope my video can give you the chance to think about it as well. I’d be also very happy to know about your way of celebrating your anniversary or the way you think is the best.

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