Hey everyone!

Alex and Cameron are back hanging out with the Arirang TV film crew at…! What the… I thought this was supposed to me a massage not an epic face-squashing experience of epic proportions.

We try this procedure called 경락마사지 (Gyeong-rak Massage) – which this particular place called the “Small Face Program.” And…I don’t entirely know what happened, but it kinda felt good…and then it kinda hurt really bad…. and then it really felt good again….before being squished… you get the idea.

We went to this place called “약손명가” (yak-son-myeong-ga) near Yangjae station in Seoul. It’s a bit expensive, but people swear by the procedure. It’s supposed to help your face get smaller and your skin get nicer. It certainly was the most work I’ve ever done on my skin.

Alex Sigrist currently is working in Korea freelancer – pretty much doing anything that requires him to put himself in awkward situations for other people’s enjoyment. He is a radio host and producer at TBS – check out his show called “Line Six” – which you can hear on the TBS app every day from 6pm to 8pm. He’s on the EBS fm radio show called “Morning Special” (8am-9am) every Wednesday and Saturday. You can also see him on the 10:30am Arirang TV program called “Globetrotters” every Friday.

And don’t forget to find his YouTube channel – 미국친구 Michin Alex – and his Instagram (also michinalex) to see what he does in his daily life in Korea.

Cameron is a grad student and part-time actor and model in Seoul. You can stalk the hell outta him on his instagram account
Instagram: cameron.word

Have a good day, everyone!