In this vlog we show what is a usual Wednesday morning for us: going to do our radio show on TBS Efm Koreascape. It’s a show called ‘Global Family’. But afterwards we did something quite different, and exciting! We went to the big Kyobo book store at Times Square to meet with the manager there to talk about our book being sold there and doing a book signing. It’s such a big book store so it’s quite mind blowing to know that our book will be there.

The next day we went to see the first print of the book. This book is comics from the My Korean Husband blog that have been translated into Korea, for the Korean audience. Our publishing company have been working well hard on it. Originally, we were with a different publishing company, but we changed and are much happier with this new one. They have put a lot of time, effort and love into this project. We also hope this is a light-hearted way for Koreans to think about intercultural marriage and cultural differences and hopefully learn something.

This was the first copy of the book so the editor and designer could check everything and make sure it looks nice. It’s a strange feeling seeing my name on the other cover like that! The book will be available in stores and online in Korea but we are still working out what international online stores will be selling it. We will update later!

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