What’s up everyone! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Recently Friday the 13th game came out and after seeing so many people having a lot of fun with the game, I decided to try it myself.

A little bit about the game: When the game starts, you will either be Jason or one of the counselors. Each character has their own perks and the more you play, the more characters and perks you can open up. The same goes for Jason. You can unlock the various Jason’s throughout the franchise as well as his own perks. If you are a counselor, then your objective is to survive the round, fix a car or boat and leave through one of the exits, or call the police and meet them. You can even try to take on Jason himself, but we all know how that usually turns out. If you are Jason, your mission is simple; kill all of the counselors. I say it’s simple but there is a lot of strategy to the game and will certainly take some time to figure out everything.

I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard while also being terrified while playing a video game. It is so much fun and will certainly be a game in which I will be making more videos of in the future. Funny thing, the very first time I played, I was Jason. I was playing with Mike and he said he has yet to be Jason and he has played much longer than I.

One thing to note, this game can be quite violent and bloody. (It is after all a game about Jason.) But if that doesn’t really bother you, then check out this video. If you play PlayStation games and want to play, join us. It is just a lot of fun and can picked up quite quickly.

Check out the video and laugh at me while I scream my way through the game.

Also, I was talking to Mike, the entire time but for whatever reason his audio didn’t come out. I’ll have to figure that out for next time.