Are you guys ready to see gamer Becky? Well she swears a lot so I warn you. This was my first time ever going to a PC Room. I know! Crazy right? I have been living in Korea for over 2 years and I now decide to go to a PC room. My friend decided that it was time for me to go and they were kind enough to teach me how to play and put up with my swearing. Now I know there is no need to swear so much but I can not help it when i am playing an online game. We started off playing overwatch which is now a very very popular game that Koreans have perfected. So of coarse I was like a 5 year old with a computer compared to them. It is truly an amazing game that everyone needs to platy!
Before getting into the gaming part, I show you guys how to get there from the university and the way that you go about paying per hour. Thankfully this PC room has it’s own room dedicated to smoking so the whole place doesn’t stick of cigarettes for the none smokers (Like me). Everyone gets there own computer and these things have huge screens. The keyboards light up and even the mouses. So, when you go to once of these things, don’t think you’re going to be playing on a crappy old computer. They are nice and fast. So, if you are on campus, I recommend you stop by this PC room and give it a try for yourself. Don’t worry about everyone else hearing you. These places are big and loud ^_^ I hope you enjoy~