Daycare is free in Korea so it’s good to take advantage of that. We took our baby Yul to his first day at daycare. He only did one hour but it was a bit hard… for him and Hugh! I think Hugh was more upset than Yul actually.

These types of daycares are offered to families in Korea and are usually very close by. Super convenient! There is usually only about 2 to 4 children in one “class” or room so they get lots of attention from the teachers. Since we are both freelancers it’s good for us as we can work while he is at daycare and it’s also great for him to interact with other kids.
If you are also a multicultural (Korean/foreigner) family in Korea you can jump the queues sometimes for things like daycares.

This a new video of Hugh’s channel Korean Appa. He rebranded his YouTube channel so that he can share moments with our baby and also record memories in this way.
Hugh is also passionate about encouraging and motivating Korean men to spend more time with their children and to strive to be better fathers. Too often looking after children is seen as a woman’s job, not just in Korea, but in most countries. Men are completely capable of looking after children but often their work environment doesn’t allow it, or they are sexist, or they never had a good role model themselves. Whatever the reason is, Hugh hopes he can motivate men to be more involved as it’s better for them and their children.