First date could always be a nerve wrecking for some, especially if you are a shy person. It’s good to know what people expect on the first date in advance that could really help get the flow going. People who already have experienced dating few times won’t be that scared, but what about those who are going out for the first time?

On top of that, when it comes to choosing food and venue it could be very difficult, if you have never been on a date before, and don’t know what the other person might like or want. Therefore I made a video asking random people in Hongdae that what do they expect to have on their first date, especially when it comes to choosing food or the place.

Interestingly most of the people mentioned that they would go for Pasta and a quiet place. However, there were some different answers as well. Big problem is that if you are a shy person, and you eat pasta in a quiet place, I assume there won’t be much talking. If there is a lot of silence that means the awkward situation starts. I wonder, how to handle that awkwardness. Is there a strategy to overcome that awkwardness?

I wonder if there something more creative and interesting that you would want to do on your first date? Like more people said they wanted Pasta and a quiet place, how about you guys? Do you guys have some good ideas regarding first date?