Hello everyone. My name is David, I’m a Filipino from Germany. I moved to Seoul for my studies and it was my first time to be away from my family on my birthday. So what did I do? I decided to celebrate a whole week 😛
What is great about Seoul is that even though it’s late, Sunday or even a holiday you can do stuff. There will always be some place you can eat at, spend your time with your friends, such as the Karaoke, Bowling, the Arcade or a Café.

As a student I celebrated on the rooftop of one the buildings on campus. I know sounds weird, but it was the easiest and cheapest way to gather my friends here and around Seoul. We enjoyed an exchange of different foods (Filipino Food, Chicken and … McDonalds haha)

More importantly, I celebrated my #돌잡이 (Korean tradition to celebrate a babys 100 day or nowdays first birthday). It’s when the child is presented with items/objects and the first item the Baby chooses will determine its future – or shall “predict” it. I’m obviously not a Baby but since it’s my first Birthday here in Korea, I decided to do it and we had some great laughs. My Non-Korean friends got to experience something new and my Korean friends could simply laugh about it and enjoy.

Besides my Birthday you will also get to see my favorite tourist spot in Seoul. Namsan. It has so much to offer. But see for yourself 🙂 Enjoy the Video