Filming for a Korean Morning TV show

We had been in Australia for 5 weeks but quite soon after we landed back in Korea we realized we needed to film for a TV show. The timing was quite difficult as it was about to be Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year). It turned out that this morning TV show wanted us to do Seollal things, but they also wanted it to be on TV over Seollal. So there was a very limited amount of time. We traveled to the Korean countryside where Hugh’s family lived and started filming right away. As it’s a segment about creators in Korea we had to pretend to film as well. Some footage we may use, and other footage was just for show, for this TV show. We had to stage cooking the jeon (Korean pancakes) for Seollal too, so they could film. In the end it was a positive segment on TV, so it was worth it. The audience for this show is usually elderly people and sometimes elderly people can have the most negative opinions about multiculturalism in Korea, so if we can change some people’s minds it’s worth it. We filmed for 2 days and then the producer and camera person rushed back to Seoul to edit and get it ready to play over the Lunar New year holiday. There is a lot of this documentary style filming done in Korea and the turn around is very fast between filming and it airing on TV. We are going to talk about more experiences with Korean TV in another video.