In this vlog we went on a field trip to Job World in Suwon/bundang. I was so amazed by this place. I have never seen anything like this in America. Maybe we do have something similar, and I just don’t know about it. Anyways, I think this is such an amazing concept! I only captured a few places in my vlog but there were sooo many more! (ex: beauty salon, construction site, excavation site, welfare work, newspaper, factory, fire station, fashion boutique, magi, performance arts, baseball, car racing…and so on…) Upon arrival the students were given ID badges which were used to enter the simulation area. They were also given “money” called “joy.” Each of the different job simulations required a certain amount of Joy to participate. The simulations ran on timed schedules so the kids had to choose wisely what things they wanted to participate in and keep in mind how much money they had to spend. Most of the simulations required the kids to produce something, and they got to keep the things that they made. (ex: pizza from the pizza shop, muffins from the bakery, “coffee” from the café, flowers from the florist) As I said before, I think this is an amazing concept for kids to be able to experience different kinds of real world jobs that are available to them in the future. I’m sure before this trip some of these kids never imagined a career in some of these fields but after visiting, they can! I was super jelly that I could not participate. I am a child at heart and it was KILLING me to just watch from the sidelines. I would have LOVED to have done something like this…..maybe if I had, I wouldn’t be a teacher today…..but…a voice actor or doing biotech research. LOL I highly recommend visiting this place if you have children and/or students!