Maybe one of the most challenging things is to get back in shape after having a child. Even more challenging in Korea. Then you see celebrities like Beyonce and Kylie Jenner, just pop back up with this gorgeous, fit body and think, okay, cool. I can do it, too. Sadly, that is not usually the reality and wasn’t for me. I went from 165lbs (around 75kg) all the way up to 256lbs (around 116kg). Yeah, you read that correctly. I allowed myself to gain nearly 100lbs while pregnant which my body really did not like. The good news is that I have lost almost all of that. I am so close to my goal, but still feel so far away. I recently gained back around 5lbs, so I have begun a new stage of eating once again. I don’t believe in “dieting,” so what I do is, I eat what I want, but in smaller portion sizes. I do have what people call “cheat” days, where I will just eat greasy food, which I later get angry about because it messes with my skin. Lol. I hope that you will join me on this fitness journey and share any tips or tricks you may have tried to lose weight. If you are also trying to lose a significant amount of weight and would like more details of what I have been doing, then drop me a comment. I am about 20 lbs (10kg) from my pre-baby weight and that’s just my minor goal I’m trying to achieve by my 30th birthday which is in May. I hope you enjoy the video~