Here is my vlog from this seasons fashion week here in Seoul! Like always the venue was packed with people and everyone was looking stylish. It’s always a nice experience to just walk around the area and get inspired from the diverse fashion and interesting looks people come up with for the week. I managed to see two shows this time around, SupercommaB and RocketxLunch. The first one is one of my favourite shows to watch and it was the 3rd time I saw their runway show. Their fashion is often times leaning towards athleisure and they put together very interesting shows where you almost forget about the business aspect and just enjoy the energy produced by the models. RocketxLunch on the other hand had a much more conventional show with their models strutting down the room with a serious expression on their face. They had some really nice looks though and they also used some foreigner models which was fun to see! Apart from the show I was just hanging out with friends, getting my picture taken and collecting business cards for future work. The ususal stuff! If you ever have the chance o visit fashion week I highly recommend it and I hope I’ll see you there next season!

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