Us blond people take forever doing our eyebrows and it has been driving me nuts to spend 15 minutes on my eyebrows everyday. Finally I have the solution! I got my eyebrows tattooed. Why did it take me so long to come to this? As a very blond person I was extremely worried that korean eyebrow tatttooed (microblading, 3-d Brow, embroided brows however you want to call them) would look extremely weird and fake on me. So I did a lot of research and finally came to a clinic I thought I could trust.

In this video I take you too the process of how I found this clinic, by doing a lot of research and trying to find fellow foreigners that got their eyebrows tattooed at that very clinic. Then I take you through the process at the clinic. The consultation, which questions you can expect, a look at the numbing cream they put on your eyebrows and then the tattooing process itself. They draw on your eyebrows, mix a color and are extremely comforting and will try to prevent any pain!
Then I show you the healing process, going from anime brows to a leopeard look I talk about the itchiness, how I washed my face and the frustration that came with it and then finally the finished result!

If you always wanted to get your eyebrows tattooed but had similar fears like me do not worry! You will absolutely love it! The pain and discomfort are worth not having to spend 15 minutes on your eyebrows every day!