The internet certainly has a way of bringing the world together and making the world a smaller place. In this vlog, I had a chance to meet a fellow YouTuber and his girlfriend in New York City and hang out for the day! Sharif currently lives in 재주도 and his girlfriend Choha lives in Seoul. They are an international couple that decided to visit Sharif’s hometown in the states. We connected online a few weeks back and decided to meet up to collaborate while he’s in the states.

After I met them at their hotel in Brooklyn, we checked out the iconic Brooklyn pizza spot Di Fara Pizza to taste arguably what is the best pizza in New York. After our first bite, I don’t think we would argue that. After lunch, we may our way to Manhattan to explore Soho. We then made our way up to Union Square (14th St), where there were a lot New Yorkers, tourists, and street performers. We then ended our time in Manhattan in the Flatiron district (23rd St) and explored Eataly NYC, where we decided to eat dinner.

After a full day of exploring the city, we headed back to Sharif and Choha’s hotel, where we shot a collaboration video about their relationship as an international couple in Korea. We ended up filming this after 10pm but the footage turned out really well. The video will be featured on my YouTube channel soon, so keep an eye out for it! I hope you enjoy the vlog and our exploration of NYC!