If you are visiting Korea you must check out some local markets! Many tourist areas are all redeveloped and modern but the average Korean still regularly shops at open markets like this. To have a more authentic experience in Korea we recommend browsing some markets. These markets are the Mangwon markets which we regularly go to. With our friends Joel and Kat, we go to eat some delicious street food. A lot of street food can be brought from carts parked in busy areas, but this street food place is also a mini restaurant so there is a place to sit down.

Tteokbokki is a popular Korean food that is rice cakes in a spicy sauce. It’s often eaten with some fried food. We also ate soondae, which is a type of blood sausage. There are lots of different things to eat at markets like this, other popular things are handmade noodles and fried chicken. There are also several stalls that serve jokbal, pig’s feet. Some food in Korea can seem strange but it’s all so delicious!

Markets are a good place to buy fruit and vegetables from as the prices are usually a lot lower than big chain supermarkets. The Mangwon area is also becoming quite trendy so lots of little businesses and cute cafes are popping up. There is some amazing coffee around as well. If you plan to visit the markets, also have a wander around the area and you may find something interesting.
The Mangwon markets are near the Mangwon station but also if you happen to be at Hapjeon, it’s walking distance from there too.