This week, I teamed up with Mika in Korea and Arirang TV’s Wonder Seekers Team to check out the caves in Gwangmyeong, just a short trip outside the city of Seoul. The 광명동굴 (Gwangmyeong Caves) have a lot to offer, including a haunted zombie experience, an underground aquarium, so really neat art work, and a great escape from the Korean summer heat. It used to be an actual mining cave until it was shut down, but it got renovated recently into a nice tourist attraction.

My favorite part was the haunted house at the bottom of the caves. That video can be found here. The reason that part was great? I haven’t found many legitimately scary haunted house experiences outside of the States, and this one really made me jump. If you want a good scare, definitely check it out (but you do have to pay a little bit of extra money once you’re down inside the cave.

If you have the chance, make sure it pay this place a visit. It’s another one of the gems of Korea that many people leave off their list of places-to-visit, and it’s sure to give you that “different side of Korea” you’re looking for.

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Thank you to Arirang TV for helping us make it happen. The show we’re on is Arirang’s show called “Globetrotters”, and the segment is called “Wonder Seekers” (Friday’s 10:30am KST)

They’ve been the best!

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