Korean fire noodles (불닭붂음면) have become one of the most popular items to try out on Youtube! Not only Koreans and Korean culture lovers, but everyone in the world got to know, what those fire noodles are!

We did not do the original challenge, because we thought it was no use doing the same thing everyone does. But suddenly we happened to discover the new, recently released fire noodles version – Mara fire noodles! Mara (also known as Mala) sauce is made from Sichuan peppercorn in Chin, which gives you the numbing sensation in your mouth, which makes it worse than the original fire noodles!

We have decided to take that challenge and try those boodles ourselves, to see if it is as bad as it sounds like. Since we could not find it in any local marts, we have decided to order few packages online.

Since both of us can handle spicy food pretty well, we both were really confident with this challenge. Therefore, I found it much spicier than the original fire noodles, which I can eat without any special occasion, so I thought I will not be able to finish it. Gyu was quite confident in the begging and said it was like the piece of cake to him, but when I just got used to the spiciness and found it quite tasty, Gyu was the one to give up! He even brought some extra sauces, to make it less spicy and lost the challenge!

Next time, when Koreans will ask you “Can you eat spicy food?” show them this video, so they can see that sometimes foreigners are even better at this than Koreans!

Have you ever tried fire noodles? How was it? Leave us a comment!

As always, thank you for watching!
Guu and Agata