Welcome to Vlog 4 of the “My Journey to Korea” series! My name is Cedric Stout, also known as SkyCeDi. I’m a music producer and new content creator that has decided to pursue my desire of living in Korea. Being half Korean and surrounded by Korean culture, language, and music my whole life, I’ve had a desire to live in Korea for many years and I decided to take the giant leap into the next phase of my life. My ultimate goal is to produce music for K-pop, create awesome video & vlog content, and positively impact my sphere of influence in Korea.

In this vlog series, I document the whole process of me teaching English from scratch and share it with the world as it unfolds in “real time.” As I am one month in from the point that I started the whole process of applying to recruiters, filling out my EPIK application, and getting my required documentation in order, I update everything that I’ve accomplished up to this point in this video. I currently reside in Palisades Park, NJ (New Jersey’s Koreatown), which is 10 minutes away from New York City. I’ll take you guys along with me into New York City as I travel to the nearest agency that captures fingerprints for my FBI approved channeler. This is required to order my criminal background check, which is required for the EPIK application. You’ll see my day unfold as I journey across the Hudson to head to downtown New York City!

I’m excited to share my journey of pursuing my dreams and passions with the world as it unfolds. So come along with me!