I thought it would be fun to take you all on a quick tour of my english classroom here in South Korea, while I desk warmed all day by myself (everyone else was on vacation…). I’m the only foreign teacher at my school, but I do have four wonderful co-teachers who I teach with. I teach at a fairly large elementary school, roughly 200 kids split between 8 classes per grade and I teach mostly grades 4-6. My school also has a lot of native english speaking students, so I also have to teach separate native speaker classes across all grades once a week before school starts. Basically I teach, at minimum, 600 students, which is overwhelming sometimes when I think about it and have to lesson plan. I definitely can’t remember many names! My school is also big enough to have a separate office just for the English teachers, so I desk warm, lesson plan, and chill between classes in a shared office with my co-teachers. We also have different materials and games to use for our different classes stored in our office, as well as a hoard of snacks, a resting area, and a black and white printer we can all use. Schools and classroom facilities vary greatly, and everyone will have a different experience depending on the size of their school and their location. However, hopefully this gives any upcoming English teachers something to reference and for those of you already here, just something to compare to your own classrooms.