What did he eat?

Since Hugh’s transformation has garnered a lot of attention and has been in the media a lot of people have been asking him about his diet and exercise. We can’t actually give his exact work out and diet plan because he didn’t have one. Everything was flexible! His exercise routine changed a lot, his diet was about eating healthy food and portion control rather than counting calories.
In this video we chat about how he lost the weight and got fit and also show photos of some of the meals he ate. It was a whole healthy lifestyle change, rather than a crash diet.

His trainer Yoojin doesn’t encourage clients to count calories as most of the time people will fail. It also gets depressing for people. Reducing stress while going through a big change is important. Cheat days are also important as people need to know that sometimes they can eat their favourite unhealthy food.
One “trick” they did use was watching mukbang videos. This won’t work for everyone, but some people feel satisfied when they watch other people eating and then don’t need to eat much themselves.

Hugh also talks in the video about having knee problems and how his trainer helped him with that. He had to build muscle and strength first and also always had it strapped in the beginning. It’s important to avoid injury when starting exercise, as one injury can derail all your plans. Don’t go too hard too fast.
We will continue to update about Hugh’s healthy lifestyle change on our YouTube channel here.