I went for a photoshoot in Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza with fellow photographer, Izzy Schreiber, and our model for the afternoon, blogger Tasha Fernandez.

After shooting some, I decided to make a little video of the shoot practicing for doing film making~ This is the final result. Your feedback/critiques on the video are also welcome. We had a great time doing the shoot and I had an extra fun time recording clips that I would ultimately bring together clipping, trimming, rearranging the pieces into a final video to show the feeling and idea of the afternoons shoot.

The shoot with Tasha was great both Izzy and I got some pretty nice results. The plaza there in Dongdaemun is a hot spot for fashion type photography. I have been there several times for shoots and absolutely love the atmosphere and architecture there. And if it’s a rainy day, like it was when we were with Tasha, it’s got some overhead shelter for some comfort.
It’s actually a project that I will be continuing to work on. I call the project Talk Photography and have featured photographers all over the world for interviews and such. Now I will be doing really cool projects and collabs with these photographers and go through concepts with them from start to finish for the inspiration of others getting into photography or get motivating to create something amazing. Of course anyone can feel free to get in touch with me about this project, about their projects, or about having a photoshoot or video work done. Contact can easily be made through YouTube, Instagram (don.macdonell), or my website.