I’ve been on YouTube since about 2013. Although I’ve done this for a long time, I still have a pretty low following. I wasn’t consistent enough so I understand. I hope to become more consistent with my videos. I am currently trying to upload a video every week. With my low following, I have not had many offers from companies or other larger YouTube channels.
Living in Korea, and being able to travel a lot easier, I have been able to make more videos that are interesting and informative. So, I have gained a few more subscribers. With this rise in followers, I hope to have more collaboration request and partnerships with companies.
A friend of mine works for a company called EARLYPICKER. She contacted me about a month ago asking if I could do an unboxing and review videos of their products. I was super excited because it was the first time doing anything like this! The website for the company is www.earlypicker.com . On their website they well Korean style products for super cheap. They ship internationally as well! They hope to allow people living in other countries to have access to the Korean beauty products. They are like a distributor for other companies such as AprilSkin, Clio Proffessional Makeup, Medicube, and a few others.
In this video, I do an unboxing and a short description of each item. In the new future, I plan to make review videos for some of the products I received. Since the items are cheap, you can buy so many great things. Also, if you buy $50 worth of products, you will receive free shipping! That’s not all. If you become a member, you will also receive 3% discount. Being a member gives you more opportunities to obtain points and free products!
I hope you will check them out at www.earlypicker.com and go SHOPPING!