I dyed my hair!! To celebrate the start of my new working like in Korea, I wanted to try a totally new hair style. After much consideration and countless hours sifting through Pinterest, I decided to go with an ombre look! However, I was actually afraid to dye my hair in Korea. I had heard other friends’ horror stories about inexperienced stylists and poor dye jobs, BUT my prayers were answered when I found Dean!

He knew exactly how to handle western hair AND spoke amazing English, giving me great tips while he explained the entire process. He recently opened a new salon right in the heart of Hongdae and I was so excited to go and check it out.

In total, I was at the salon for about 3 hours and the process included a haircut, bleach, toner, and styling! The salon itself is brand new, with a super bright and stylish interior. I loved the modern feel and the great attention to detail that went into designing this unique hair salon.

Well, for the final look – be sure to watch the video! What do you think of the result??

Special Thanks to Dean and the entire staff at The Days Salon in Hongdae for making this experience so fun and enjoyable!

If you’re looking for a haircut / color/ perm / treatment, etc, I 100% recommend their services! They really do it all at this place, giving everyone their full care and attention! I know you’ll love the results!

Also, be sure to follow Dean on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedays_dean/ – his pictures are fantastic!

You can find The Days Hair Salon here: 마포구 서교동 355-34 2층

What style should I try next time?

Thanks for watching!!