Hugh and I read out a recent comic called “Raw Fish” and then had a chat about it. Recently I admitted that for quite a long time that I thought people had to eat hwe at hweshiks. Hwe is raw fish in Korea and a Hweshik is a work/company dinner. But after making this comic some other people said they thought the same thing. Someone even said they were worried about going to their first Hweshik because that’s what they had assumed. The funny thing is Hugh said that often people DO eat hwe at hweshiks so that’s even more confusing for someone who is learning Korean. While a Korean naturally knows those words aren’t related it can be hard when learning another language and you can make the assumption that some things come from the same root word when they actually don’t. I’ve never worked in a Korean company, so I’ve never been to a hweshik so I just had never had that experience before. I’m also glad that I don’t have to because I’ve heard stories from friends how long they go for and how much pressure there is to drink. Having to eat raw fish as well would be too much for me. This video is part of a new series where we talk about comics that have been on the blog and delve a little bit deeper. Head over to YouTube to make some suggestions of what other comics you’d like us to “voice act” and talk about.