Living in the city can be very hard when you have a dog. My dog happens to be a bigger dog than most of the dogs here in Korea. This is a big reason why I feel so bad for my poor baby because he never really has a chance to run around without a lease on. When we go for walks, he is also super interested in other dogs so I thought this would be a great chance for him to actually play.

I found out that there is a dog park near the city I live. Gwangju is the big major city and right outside of Gwangju is a city called Naju. It’s a small city which makes it perfect for a dog park. There is a lot of open space for parks just like this. So when I found out it wasn’t too far away, I put Winter in the car and we headed right there

The place is very well taken care of. It is very clean and the dogs that live there full time are very well taken care of. They are also super friendly so you don’t have to worry about them fighting with your dog. They are also calm with very scared dogs. The people who work there are also very good with dogs and have a lot of knowledge and tips to give us (since I am a new dog owner.) The best part is the price. It only cost 5,000 won for the dog to go in and 3,000 won for each person.

If you live in this area, I would recommend that you take your dog here. This was a great experience and I actually plan to take my dog back there this weekend because we all loved it so much. Give it a try and I hope you all enjoy the video. Thank you for watching~~