Kiss or Kissing is an amazing experience. You feel like as if you are in heaven. This experience could turn into hell if your Boyfriend or Girlfriend has bad breath issue. What would you do if your Girlfriend or Boyfriend has a bad breath issue? Would you directly tell them? Would you ignore it? Would you simply breakup? Probably the best thing might be to tell someone honestly, but what if they lose their confidence? If that happens they will always be nervous before kissing or wouldn’t do it so passionately.
Therefore, I did a kind of a survey around Hangang Park area asking different groups of people what would be a gentle way of telling your Boyfriend or Girlfriend that they have bad breath issue. There were different answers. Some ideas were surprisingly amazing that I would like to use or do if I have to experience similar situation.

It would be nice if you guys ever had similar kind of experience and how did you work on that with your partner. If possible do share your story in the comment section that would be really helpful. Especially a lot of time before becoming a couple we try to be careful about how we look and smell but as the time passes we become careless about certain things. That’s where we say the spark is gone. Could bad breath be an issue?

If you guys want me to do any other survey regarding dating, your suggestions are always well taken. Thanks…Cheers