Hey guys! I swear this is the last cafe video for a little while. I might have gone a bit crazy with cafes but how could you not? Seoul has so many unique cafes that are just everywhere. If you are in Seoul, you have to try at least a few of these out. Today’s video is a phone case cafe. This cafe lets you make your very own unique phone case at a pretty reasonable price. I decided to splurge and just grab everything so mine came out to be about 27,000 won or about 26 USD. They aren’t all that expensive! My friend only spent about 10,000 won on his.
Anyways, the cafe provides the case that you will stick everything on, you just have to buy the charms and the glue. Thankfully they let you use the funnels for free so you can get the perfect design for your case. We were lucky because someone gave us the white glue for free since there was a lot left and they were done.
Once you figure out the design that you want to do, then you go and pay. You have to pay before you start glueing everything so make sure you take a picture of how you want your final product. They will take the case and spill it onto the the tray so if you don’t have a picture, you have to rearrange it all over again.

After that, you have an unlimited time to make your phone case and that is what we did. I think we spent about 2 hours because I went into such detail with my case. I kept coming up with new ideas of how to make it look better. If you are worried about the quality of the glue, trust me it is strong. I have already dropped my phone a few times and nothing has popped off.

So if you have time, go check this place out. Info in the bio of the youtube video. Thanks for watching!