In this video, I wanted to 3d print a Supreme Money Gun for a project at the Fab Lab. The goal of this project was to install a bigger motor. I started this project by referencing a photo online and basing the dimensions off of a motor previous selected. Drawing and rendering the CAD took about two weeks because there were several unforeseen problems. The printers were not large enough to print the original designs, so revisions were needed. Another problem was the Fab Lab is extremely cold during the winter. The filament was too cold to stick to the printer bed and caused many misprints to happen. After I was able to print usable pieces, the next part was assembly. I had some troubles with the solder and the batteries. The general assembly was easy but because the 3D printers are pretty crappy as the Fab Lab, most of the prints are not perfectly aligned. In turn, the old belt sander and bench sander came through and sanded their way to semi-perfection. The cylinder that fit around the motor need to also be redesign with more contact surface area for the adhesive to grip properly. After some nervous hot glue and some self doubt, the gun came together. I ended up going to a claw machine store and using their 10,000 won to 1,000 bill changer to test the gun with 100,000 won worth of bills. The first attempts went ok but once we figured out the proper loading method, the gun worked as expected. The gun spits so many bills so quickly, I would like to try it with 1,000,000 bill but I need to work on a new project. The idea of using a bigger motor helped and achieved the original idea, to make the bills go farther than a typical money gun. After watching videos of the Supreme money gun online, I am confident this is a superior design. If anyone has any strippers that want to help with a video, let me know.