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The Discloser is a Korean movie starring Kim Sang-Kyung, Kim Ok-Bin, and Choi Moo-Sung. It was directed by Hong Ki-Seon who unfortunately passed away a few days after finishing the film.

The movie follows Kim Sang-Kyung’s character, Dae-Ik, a colonel in the Korean military as he tries to bring to light some corruption in the Korean military. The movie is based loosely on actual events that took place in the 90’s and if you are interested in Korean history, I’d say look it up to see what actually happened.

As for the movie, I wish it was executed a bit better. Everything in it was way too easy to predict and there wasn’t any real character development. The only character I thought was any good, was Dae-Ik’s daughter who is only in the film for about 10 minutes.

There was no mystery in the film… at all. You know exactly how each character is going to turn out from the very second you meet them. It is also a story we have seen before and nothing new was added to try and mix things up. The beginning tries to set it up as a suspense film, but then just shows you everything without you needing to solve anything.

The editing of the movie was poor as well. There were several scenes where there it fades away or cuts away a bit too suddenly and completely takes you out of the movie. Some scenes seem felt like they were a last minute thought and realized they needed them in order for the movie to make sense.

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