This is one of the best cafes I have come across in my short time here in Korea. The dinosaur egg bingsu was one of the funnest things I have ever eaten to be honest.

The cafe is close to Seomyeon station and is near many other cafes, but we didn’t come for just any other cafe. Dala 100% Chocolate was the target. It is a tiny cafe. As the name suggests, they specialize in chocolate. They even have an instagram event where you can post a picture of what you got there, show it to them, and get a free chocolate spoon. Did I get a chocolate spoon you ask? Of course! They have white chocolate, if you consider that chocolate, and dark chocolate.

The dinosaur egg bingsu was 12000 Won. The other menu items ranged between 5k and 15k. They did have brownies, coffees, truffles, and a few cakes as well. I didn’t go for a chocolate cake I can get anywhere. I traveld 5 hours from my tiny Gangwon town to smash a chocolate dinosaur egg with a little metal hammer. One of the best bingsu’s I have had here so far. It did have cereal-liek flakes in it which at first were red flags. All of the bingsu’s I have had with cereal were less than satisfying. Cereal-infested bingsu is basically just a bowl of cereal with ice chunks in it. Why would I have 10000k plus for icy cereal bowls? The dinosaur bingsu though, was not a bowl of icy cereal. The cereal-like flakes were a mix of cereal and chocolate, not cocoa puffs. Something closer to a chocolate biscuit cut into little pieces. The chocolate ice cream, condensed milk, and fudge definitely made it delicious. Who doesn’t like playing with their food AND having it taste good?