Korean Culture versus Korean-American culture. What are some of the differences between the two? In this video, I discuss this topic with my best friend Joe and his wife Maeum. We came up with some interesting observations about the cultural differences based off our personal experiences. Iโ€™ve known my friend Joe for nearly 20 years, as we grew up together and have remained close friends. He has lived in the United States since early childhood, and has adapted to the culture as a Korean-American. Maeum on the other had, has lived most of her life in Korea, and has recently moved to the United States a few years ago.

There are several distinct differences between the two sides that we bring out, including the physical appearance. These include fashion and make-up. Often times, you can guess where a person is from based off of the way they typically dress, or how they wear their make-up. This isnโ€™t always the case of course, but you get what we mean. There are often times differences in the level of Korean which is spoken from either side. Korean-Americans tend to have varying levels of Korean fluency, from non-existent to fluent. In our experiences, most would fall in between, having some degree of fluency, but not to the level of a person from Korea.

These are a few of the interesting observations that we discuss in this video. We also discuss how these differences impact their relationship and marriage, so check out the video to find out more. We hope you enjoy the video!