Besides the cafes and tourist spots, Seoul has a lot of hidden gems to offer. Over Christmas, a group of friends went to explore the deep tunnels of Seoul, where the darkness and isolation is the only company. Equipped with our camera gear and flash lights, we set out during the Christmas holiday. The group set out on the journey, happy to be reunited with old friends and to meet a few new. While some are big on Instagram, some were hobbyist photographers and others just looking to kick it. I brought my glidecam and my a7sii to film as I can freely talk about cameras with the group. One of the members brought a full santa suit for pictures while others brought lightsabers and fireworks to add interesting elements to their compositions. If you look closely, one member brought a film camera with a few 400 iso rolls and a manual external shutter cable. Walking to the entrance of the tunnel took some time and the scale of the entrance was much bigger than I imagined. Once inside, it was cold and dark. Setting up our tripods and setting up our cameras, we were ready to start shooting. After every shoot, we gathered around to show each other our photos and see how each turned out. Advice was giving over the afternoon and into the night. Once finished with the fireworks, we enjoyed dinner and exchanged contact info to share our pictures later. Seoul has much more to offer if you are willing to walk the unbeaten path.