Recently, I’ve been helping to my unnie with the promoting and marketing a new Korean boy band called MONT (Members of the National Team). They actually have a lot of fans in Israel and Poland already, and they even haven’t debuted yet. Anyway, you can probably guess how my life become even more crazy with university, work now this. I mean, editing and translating their videos was adding up to my already existing stress. So, when their producer came to me and offered to have a short runaway to Ganghwado, I couldn’t say “No”.

We left on Tuesday evening, and stayed together until Wednesday afternoon. I got to spend time with the band members, getting to know them better and we actually made some progress and got some really good news (which cannot be published just yet). The boys seems to have fun as well, it all went smooth – until my big challenge, BBQ. Gosh, I wasn’t ready for that.

I managed to survive the challenge of the BBQ thanks to focusing on cooking my own food (Tofu and mushrooms, yessss) and even managed to get them all saying “it looks good” over my food (Vegan – 1, Meat – 0). We went to sleep pretty late as well, talking about work and how we can keep promoting the band in the best way.

It was really fun, and I think my Korean is actually improving. LOL. Anyway, yep. Hope you enjoy the video and have fun ;D