Last weekend we went for a two-day trip to South Jeolla Province and visited Suncheon and Yeosu. Our initial purpose of the trip was the traditional Koreab wedding of our friends – another Korean-Lithuanian couple, but after the wedding we met up with Gyu’s sister abd started the tour.

The highlight of our trip definitely was The Suncheon Open Film Set, which is the largest Korean drama and movie filming location in the country, which is made of 3 different villages, representing the retro look of Korea as it was until the 1980s!

More than 700 Korean movies and dramas, such as “Werewolf boy” (2012), “Love Rain” (2012) m, Seoul 1945 (2006) and many more were filmed in here as well!

Open Film Set is located in Suncheon city and it takes about 3 to 4 hours to go there to Seoul by KTX. Even though if you live in Seoul it would take you a whole day to go there and get back home, considering its’ accurate representation of Korean life back in the day when Korea was still a developing country, it is totally worth it!

At first I thought that is was going to be fully packed and we will not be able to even take decent pictures, but to my surprise there were bot so many people abd I was also the only ine foreigner there! Most probably, if this place would have been in Seoul, it would have been much more crowded, but since it is located all the way in the South, I felt calm and relaxed.

The entrance fee was 3,000 won and if you want to rent a uniform would be additional 2,500 won per 50 minutes. Considering the size of the whole set and the fact that you could hang out there all day, the prices are really good. We rented uniforms just for obe hour, but I actually regret not doing it for a longer time!

After Suncheon we moved to Yeosu were we stayed the night and expected to look around on Sunday, but unfortunately because of the rain, we had go go back home earlier. Therefore, I think we had a fun trip!