Gyu and Agata are back earlier than usual and we are here with the Separate Vlog from Japan travel series, dedicated specially for the DisneySea theme park.

As some of you might already know, last week we have visited Tokyo, Japan, and Vlogged there quite a bit. We thought, that putting everything to one long Vlog would be boring, so we have divided our Vlogs to 3 separate parts, plus made an extra video especially for the DisneySea!

It was our first time to go to the Disney theme park and we think Disney Sea was the best decision ever. Before our trip, we have researched quite a lot about both, Disneyworld and Disney Sea in Tokyo, and almost every single time the information stated that sea themed alternative was better. Basically, you could visit any Disneyland in the world and it would be more or less the same, but there is only one DisneySea in the world and we had a chance to visit it, so why not?

Instead of going there early in the morning, we have decided to use discount possibility and come on in the afternoon. On weekends and national holidays, discounted ticket sales open from 3pm and on weekdays – from 6pm. We came in just before the sunset, so most of our footage is a little bit darker than usual, but please, understand that.

We know, our recent Vlogs are in Japan, which might be less interesting to some viewers, but we still speak Korean, right? After travel Vlog series is completed, we will continue with our regular Korean videos.

Thanks for watching! Have a happy Chuseok and see you next time!
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