Some people might complain that visiting Seoul can cost a lot of money! But the truth is you don’t really need that much money to have a great time in the city! And here is the proof, with a budget of only 30000 wons (Less than 30$) go explore Seoul with my friend Janson from Singapore. We went exploring the streets of Myeongdong which is a huge shopping streets full of clothes and cosmetics shops. After walking around, wed had some bites in its street food where the choice was really diverse. We had some spicy tteokboki and some delicious meat ball and noodles. For the dessert we went to eat some nice bingsu which is a Korean dessert with icecream. Then, we went to few nice places that you can visit with your friends, your family or as a couple. First the Namsangol village which is a really nice place to play games. After spending some time there we walked up through the namsan Park till a really iconic place : the famous Namsan tower with all the lockers at the bottom. A lot of couples usually go there but you can also go there with your friends. At the end we came back to Myeongdong to eat some omerice and kimchi fried rice. And for the whole day we spend exactly 30,000 wons each! Feel free to comment about what you thought about it or any suggestions, I read everything. And don’t forget to subscribe for more coming contents!