This Q&A is a continuation of a video I released last week answering a bunch of questions that my subscribers and SNS followers sent me. These round of questions were no less interesting than the questions from last week. I answered questions regarding best tips for learning Korean, best places to teach in Korea, whether the Korean diet is generally healthier than the western diet, and if I ever dated Korean girls before.

The last questions of the video was about my favorite quote. I wanted to end the video on an uplifting note so I decided to answer this one last. For many of my long time viewers and followers, they know that I typically end my videos with the quote, โ€œseize the day.โ€ This is a quote that I would have to claim as my favorite (or at least my most used and reflected quotes). I love this quote because itโ€™s easy to remember, challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, and to simply take action. It is a daily reminder for me to think about my goals, dreams, and ambitions and to capitalize on the only time that is ever promised to us, which is today. Tomorrow is never promised. What we do have is the day ahead of us and the decision to maximize our time with what matters most. This thought really pushes me to focus on the things that really matter to me, which are my relationships and my personal/career goals and to go after them with all of my energy today, because tomorrow is never promised.

Check out the video and all of the other interesting questions I received!