In my latest vlog, Dani and me decided to visit the horse-riding hand statue (강남스타일 동상), which was dedicate to Psy 싸이 because of his world wide phenomenon Gangnam Style (강남스타일). Because Dani was in South Korea only for three days and also the weather didn’t play along, we decided to go there, because it is something really iconic for Korea and everbody would recognize that in the world. On the way to the Gangnam Style statue Dani had the great idea, that we should be dancing the Gangnam Style Dance along our way to the statue. It was a crazy idea but i actually liked it a lot. So we started to shoot all the footage with us dancing the Gangnam Style Dance. It was really hilarious! At the beginning we felt a lil shy, but soon we realized, that most of the Koreans didn’t care about some Gangnam Style dancining foreigners. And the ones who looked to us laughed and giggled 🙂 Of course the hype around the Gangnam Style is long gone, i believe the video was realized 5 years ago, but hey, what better way to visit the horse-riding Gangnam Style hand statue by hopping all the way in Gangnam “Style” 😀 If you also want to visit the Gangnam Style Statue, you can find it in Samseong (삼성). It is located infront of the Coex Center.

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