Hello Everybody πŸ™‚ Becky here, from SincerelyBecky channel. I’m sharing the part two video of a three day trip to Danang, Vietnam, where I was a guest of honor and singer for the wedding of one of my best friends. This video leads up to the final video (to be released soon), and just sharing a bit about what’s been happening in Vietnam. The background song is my own, written and recorded by myself. The city of Danang is beautiful and unique, and it was such an amazing trip to see it from the eyes of the locals. My friend and her fiance are both natives and have grown up in Danang as neighbors, and so rather than seeing all tourist spots, I was eating at tiny restaurants with dubious levels of cleanliness, places that could only be found by riding a motorbike through narrow streets, places that could only be known by word of mouth. The people in Danang are notoriously kind, and this was apparent in everything we did. Even though I could say I have some traveling experience in my pocket, I experienced so many new things in Vietnam; from having singing birds in the house every morning to seeing the beautiful Hoi An, more gorgeous than what you could capture in pictures. While I’m editing the final video and I believe it will be the best of all three for sure, (showing the wedding and what it was like to be part of the family for a traditional ceremony in Vietnam,) I hope you all still enjoy this second video to catch a feeling of what my trip was like.