I finally fixed my SD card and can get back on track. This is a weekly vlog of getting a start on the new year’s resolutions. I am super serious about being successful in at least 4 out of the 5 resolutions that I made this year. The resolutions that I made are super important to me to stick to and complete before I graduate from school.
In order to do that, I am working with both of my friends Sam and Sam to study Korean together. We are all at different levels and we are using the Korean language books that I used in the past when I was a Korean language student a year ago. I decided to prepare everything for all of us because I am the highest level. They can’t really teach me anything but they can keep me motivated to continue studying everyday. I know this year will be the year I get better at Korean.
Also, I started actually working out at a gym. This gym is great because it offers classes and also individual working out. You can even work out on Saturdays as well if you are super into working out. I pay about 120,000 a month to do these workouts which are around $120 USD. It is a nice small gym that is right here at the university. It’s actually super close to my major building!!! Anyways The owner is really friendly and I have been doing it for 2 weeks as of now!
Thanks so much for watching guys