I’ve been trying out some new video styles with my Xiaomi Yi action cam lately. This time I headed out to Daegu Stadium to film the Zombie Run at the Daegu International Horror Fest. The original entrance was 40,000 won but I got in free with my press badge. I don’t have a gimbal steady cam (I really need to get one so I can look like a legit reporter at festivals I cover lol) so I learned through trial and error that the best way to keep your camera steady is to hold it close to your body and grip at the base of the selfie stick/tripod/whatever you’re using to mount your camera. But don’t grip too hard. It was really fun to shoot and there were some pretty scary zombies. Editing took quite a while since I had a lot of footage to go through but I tried to choose the best scenes. I’d like to shoot more content like this so the next day I filmed a 1st-person style video at the Daegu Water Festival. The theme is 1980s 8-bit DOOM-style game lol. That one was super fun to edit and can’t wait for it to go public this Sunday. Also there will be 2 parts to that one. If anyone has any ideas for a 1st-person video please let me know!! I don’t really like making one genre of videos, I like to stay creative and try a lot of new things. I think 50% of videos on my channel are just experiments/personal projects that I just want to document. Hope everyone enjoys this one!!