This video: My dad came to visit us in Korea after a business trip in China. We decided to show him our wedding hall and give him a small tour. I also got to try on one wedding dress ( in Korea you usually rent them). However, the dress was super not my style! It had way too much going on and the shape didn’t suit me! Also I am currently exercising and dieting to prepare for the actual wedding so I am sure I will be able to look at better dresses then. (I’ve lose 8kg so far!). After that we choose a wedding studio! In Korea you take the photos before the actual marriage and you use a different dress for photos than the actual ceremony. Afterwards we got a bite to eat and caught up ^^! It was a short trip but I was so glad to see him! Sometimes I get really homesick while living in Korea.

My Channel: Hello everyone! I am a Canadian who is living in Seoul ! I first came here in 2012 as an exchange student and now I am a graduate student at Korea University! I am also teaching English and doing a variety of other things while living here. I love to travel, but for now my travel is manly domestic (different parts of Korea). This year I am going to get married to my Korean fiancée Jay <3 who I have been with for the past 3 1/2 years. Overall my channel is just about my life in Seoul! I hope you check it out ^^