Korea is one of the most progressive societies in the world and skincare is not left behind there as well. K-beauty is everywhere and everyone, regardless of their age or gender are concerned about their looks in one way or another.

Every year more and more people are coming here to get various beauty procedures done here, in Seoul. It’s high quality, effective and cheap at the same time, so even though in 2000’s only East and South-East Asians were coming to Korea to enhance their beauty now everyone, even westerners are up for the various procedures.

Staying in Korea and using local beauty products long enough made me wonder, what’s it like to have your skin taken care of by a professional, so I decided to try it for myself and visit one of the beauty clinics in Gangnam – a neighborhood well-known for its beauty industry. The clinic I went to is called “DA Plastic Surgery & Dermatology” and even though they are famous for their facial contouring and other major plastic surgeries, they also have a dermatology clinic in the next floor where they offer skin care services.

My major concerns were pollution-caused damage and discoloration of my skin and I felt like simple masks you can buy in the beauty stores were not enough to save it from a long-term damage.When I told this to the dermatologist, she suggested getting a hydration treatment, since my skin was really dry and lost its elasticity.

The treatment consisted of 5 steps:
1. Blackhead and Dead Skin Removal
2. Hydrating Treatment with Green Tea Extract and Aloe
3. Regeneration Laser
4. Hydrating Mask
5. Moisturizer + Sunscreen

Even though there were no visible differences in my skin after the treatment, it felt fresher than before and the next day it was easier to apply makeup. Even though I feel like you should constantly do those kinds of treatments to see long-term results, for the starters it is ok to treat yourself a procedure like this at least once a few months.

I am very thankful to DA Plastic Surgery and Dermatology clinic for giving me this opportunity to get hydration treatment done. People working in the clinic are really professional and kind to their customers, which is one of the most important points in receiving any kind of service.