I have saved my moustache as part of a family tradition. It was 24 cm but today I cut it all off. My older brother has a moustache of more than 40 cm. My fathers was at least 20 cm. After a year of saving, it was over in three seconds.

This video was shot from my student room in Oxford. When I started to grow a moustache, I always had a thought at the back of my mind. I would need to cut if I ever got a job interview. Today I am uploading the video from a hotel room in Dublin, where I tomorrow will be interviewed for a position I really hope I get. I still have a tick where I try to fix my moustache every 30 minutes or so, only to realise that it is now gone. Every time I walk by a mirror, I’m struck by how much smaller my mouth looks as well. If I get this job, I’ll probably start growing a new moustache.

House of Love is a channel by the Swedish MSc student Love. After having worked in Korea and with Korean companies in Europe, Love is trying to keep up his language proficiency by recording and uploading Korean videos about his life and living. You can follow him on instagram (lovehedman) for more frequent updates. He is currently based at the University of Oxford till the end of the year. After that he is hoping to live in South Korea for at least a year or two.