Korea as a country is getting more well-known worldwide every single day. Some of that popularity comes from its’ traditional culture, some from food and some from Hallyu vawe, including K-pop and K-dramas. But do you know what else catches the attention of international community? It’s Korean beauty!

In recent years, Korean skincare and makeup products have been getting a lot of attention. Its export have increased not only in Asia, but in other continents, including The United States and Europe. With the inscreasing popularity of Korean skincare, demand for those products is also rapidly growing. Sadly, not everyone are able to come here for first-person shopping experience and the rest of the world is left with the only choice – buying those products online.

Recently I have been contacted by an online store called “Cosmetic-love” and they offered me to send some products of my own choice for the review. Even though I don’t consider myself a beauty Youtuber, so I was hesistant about doing that, but since I have positive experience buying from this store before – back when I was back in Lithuania, I have decided to do it.

Even though I am usually focusing on the quality of the products, this time I have decided to try something new and got those items, which looked the cutest in my eyes!

Have you ever seen a bubble tea shaped sleeping pack? Or what about a lip scrub, which literally looks like an avocado? They DO exist! Isn’ Korea just adorable? And even better news is that even though back in Europe cute package usually meant lower quality, it is different in Korea. Cosmetic companies take their products seriously and try their best to balance their focus both, on the package and on the indgridients as well.

Can you guess which one of those products is my personal favorite? Does it match with the ones you liked?

If you are out of Korea and are interested in getting some Korean beauty products, don’t hesitate to check out Cosmetic-love. I do reccomend their page and it is not only because they sent me stuff. It is because I genuinely DO trust them. You can find the link to their site in my video description! 🙂