It’s time for something different. We want to share with you 5 cultural differences between Korea and The Netherlands (part 1). As an international couple you will quickly find out what the real and deep rooted differences are. Even though these differences can make it hard for a relationship to work out well, we strongly believe that every international couple can overcome them. But first you have to acknowledge the differences. I (Bart) see our relationship as an adventure to explore the unfamiliar; life isn’t supposed to be easy all the time. There is one thing in particular that makes the relationship with my (Korean) girlfriend tough sometimes, and that is the distance between me (the foreign boyfriend) and the Korean family in law. It’s sometimes hard to feel and be really part of her family. Something that is totally different in The Netherlands. In The Netherlands families in general would love to bring in the new boy/girlfriend into the family despite the absence of marriage plans. But it is the way it is, we love each other, so we have to find a way to deal with this. We are unmarried and living together in Seoul for 1 year now. Many people in Korea don’t feel comfortable with this idea unfortunately, but we try to ignore that. Over the last months our lifestyle has given us lots of experience as being an international couple, therefore we would love to share that with you! Not only for the purpose of sharing, but so that other people can learn something about our experience and both of our countries. Watch our video to find out what we have to say and let us know your point of view.